Dashi USM™

Our Unified Security Management platform delivers quick and tangible security improvements as well as long-term strategic guidance at an affordable, transparent price.

Dashi USM™ is our information security management platform. Simple enough to implement in a day, powerful enough to produce tangible results.

See what's happening on your servers with our visual heatmap and events feed. Dashi USM™ makes it easy to spot trends and identify potential issues.

Simple pricing

for additional features and services


Add all your endpoints for free.


  • Monitor your server and website availability
  • Monitor for changes to open ports
  • Unify information security events by ingesting alerts from fail2ban, Nagios, or any other tool that can send a POST request or an email alert
  • Log events and create detailed incident reports including event timelines, impact assessment, root cause analysis and remediation plans
  • 30 day event log retention
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Extended scanning

Enterprise grade security management.


  • All features of the FREE plan
  • Weekly enterprise grade vulnerability scanning to detect weaknesses in services, packages or configurations
  • Remedial action suggestions to help you fix vulnerabilities
  • 180 day event log retention
  • Upgrade only the endpoints you want to scan
  • No commitment, cancel anytime
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Tough as nails

For your most critical endpoints.


  • Everything in the FREE and Extended Scanning plans
  • Daily enterprise grade vulnerability scanning to detect weaknesses in services, packages or configurations
  • 7 year event log retention
  • Direct access to our experienced sys admin team to guide you with vulnerability mitigation and security best practices
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Website Security Scan

Comprehensive security scan for your website to detect security issues.

Our expert team will configure a scan profile based on your website's technology stack. The scanner then crawls your website and reports on security issues such as cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, SQL injection flaws, insecure cookies and more.

A comprehensive report and a 30 minute follow up consultation is included.


  • Best of breed scanning technology
  • Authenticated and unauthenticated scans
  • Advise on remediation of findings
  • Tell us what to scan and we'll do the heavy lifting
  • Reports saved in Dashi USM™
  • No subscription required, scan on your own schedule
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Management System

Build an ISO 27001 aligned information security management system directly in USM.

USM ISMS automatically links to your event and incident logs and asset inventory. No more manual entry and cross-referencing spreadsheets.

Templates are included for all parts of the management system.


  • Risk register: document risks and remediation plans
  • Policy manager: write, maintain and track user acceptance
  • Controls (Statement of Applicability): define the measures you put in place to protect your information assets
  • Attributes: tailor controls to your organization and facilitate analysis of controls from varying angles
  • Enforcements: define the mechanisms by which your organization is compelled to protect information
  • Classifications: define types of information to help you categorize and prioritize the protection of information assets
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All prices in USD, per month and exclusive of any applicable taxes. Volume discounts are available starting from 10 paid endpoints.

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Dashi Cyber + Dashi USM™

A robust and reliable match of experienced people and platform

We’ve been in the business for over 20 years, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to keep systems secure. We’ve built USM to help you run your business more securely, and we’ve built a team of experts to help you get the most out of it.

Penetration testing

Real world testing by real world humans

Our CREST and Offensive Security certified penetration testers perform automated and manual tests against your systems to identify any weaknesses. Tested to OWASP standards, our penetration tests are designed to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker to gain access to your systems.

Compliance & Consulting

Facing the challenges of security and compliance head on

Implementing Dashi USM™ will give you much of the technical and procedural controls required by ISO 27001. We can help you with the rest. Our consultants have a wealth of experience in implementing ISO 27001 and can help you with the policies, procedures, and documentation required to achieve certification.


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

When managing security is a must but you don't have the budget or need for a full time hire, our virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service is the perfect solution. Starting from just £700 / $900 per month, we can provide you with a dedicated security expert to help you achieve your security goals.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Get in touch and we'll be happy to answer it for you.

    • What is an endpoint?

      Any device that stores or processes confidential information should be added as an endpoint. Servers, laptops, mobile devices and cloud providers are all examples of endpoints.

    • Can I pay for my subscription via purchase order?

      Enterprise customers who wish to pay annually may purchase via purchase order.

    • Do you offer ISO 27001 certification?

      Our software will help you create the information security management structure you need for ISO 27001 compliance. We work closely with partners who can help you achieve certification.

    • Can you guarantee I won't get hacked?

      We do our best to help you discover vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. As much as we would like to be able to guarantee 100% effectiveness that would simply not be possible. Proper implementation and ongoing maintenance of a well designed information security management system is the best way to protect your organization.

    • What do I need to get started?

      A desire to improve your security posture. An hour or two to explore USM and start scanning your endpoints. That’s it.

    • What makes Dashi unique?

      Our combination of software + people. We don't expect you to be able to build an effective information security management system without any experience. That's why we're here to help you every step of the way.

    • How will I know if I'm doing it right?

      USM will notify you of any issues that need your attention. As you add more endpoints and data ingestion sources, your dashboard will start to show you a more complete picture of your security posture.

    • Do you have feature X?

      If you need a feature we don't have yet please get in touch and tell us about it. We want to build software that works for you!

    • I lost my password, how do I get into my account?

      Go to the sign in page then click Forgot Password.

    • I need vulnerability scanning. Do I need to pay for all my endpoints?

      Upgrade only those endpoints you need to scan. You can upgrade and downgrade at any time.

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